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Gas-Ease Activated Charcoal is a vegetable form of carbon, made from ground coconut shells.

Activated Charcoal is an inert material and cannot react to, with or against any other material. This particular product is manufactured for the pharmaceutical industry, so you can be assured of a "top quality" product.

GO and see our Gas-Ease product

GO and see our Gas-Ease product
Gas-Ease™ has well and truly landed.

You can purchase your Gas-Ease straight from me using my products page. Alternatively, here is a list of retail stores that are now stocking this wonderful product.

Drum Feeds
0131 654 2185

David Conchie Saddlery
Website Link Here
GO and see our Gas-Ease product

What people have to say about Gas-Ease

Please take a look at what people are saying about their experiences with Gas-Ease.

Everyday looks more positive as he regains his strength. One thing I never forget is his 15ml of Gas-Ease every day.

Elizabeth Willetts

"It was a miracle that for the first time in years he didn't feel the need to suck on his door which he always did."

Leanne Edwards

"StabelLabel's Gas-Ease is a tremendous product. My story about it will echo others. And I tell everyone I meet about how it saved Fahadd, literally."

Beck Andros & Fahadd Seattle, Washington United States

"I am just so pleased I have found this product - it has certainly made Puzzle's life and my own life a lot easier "
Lynn Bradwell, Co.Durham

"It arrived the next day. Three days later Murphy was symptom free. Within a week he was out on grass 24/7 - no gas build-up at all"
Sandra Sloan

"We have felt far more confident coping post operatively having found Gas-Ease. He will be given this product for the rest of his life"
Nikki Usher

What people have to say about Gas-Ease

What people have to say about Gas-Ease

If you would like to quickly drop us a line we can get back to you with any questions please fill in the form on our contact page
What people have to say about Gas-Ease
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Please note that you must use activated charcoal and not non-activated. StableLabel supply only Activated Charcoal.

Poultices produced using activated charcoal have been used for many years in the treatment of ulcers and gangrenous wounds in humans to absorb the odours and bacterial toxins.

Here is how to use an AC poultice for horses.

First, you need to gather together your materials:

Two pieces of dressing large enough to cover the affected area (no plastic)
A bandage (vet wrap or equivalent preferably, or stable bandage if that's all you have)
A roll of cling film
A utensil for making charcoal paste


You are going to make an activated charcoal (AC) paste by mixing some AC with a little water. The paste must be firm and not runny. If runny, add more AC.

Take one of your pieces of dressing and spread it with the paste then cover that over with the other piece of dressing (in other words an activated charcoal sandwich). Make sure you have removed any plastic from the dressing. If you have plastic between the affected area and the AC, the poultice will be ineffective.

Apply the "sandwich" to the affected area, then cover over with cling film. The cling film will stop the AC from drying out. Finally, bandage over the whole thing. Leave on for 24 hours. Remove and discard. If necessary, repeat the process.

Please note that the reason for putting the AC between two pieces of dressing is that it can actually act like a "tattoo" on the skin/hair if put directly onto the affected area.

Alternatively give your horse Gas-Ease™ by just adding to the feed See Here

Alternatively give your horse Gas-Ease™ with the old apple trick See Here
The Old Apple Trick

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