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Gas-Ease Activated Charcoal is a vegetable form of carbon, made from ground coconut shells.

Activated Charcoal is an inert material and cannot react to, with or against any other material. This particular product is manufactured for the pharmaceutical industry, so you can be assured of a "top quality" product.

GO and see our Gas-Ease product

GO and see our Gas-Ease product
Gas-Ease™ has well and truly landed.

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Be Gone With Wind Poem

Be Gone With
The Wind

'Be gone with the wind' with our Gas-Ease If your horse could talk he'd say "yes please" The build-up of gas causes such pain To see him suffer puts us under strain.......please read full poem here

Be Gone With Wind Poem

What people have to say about Gas-Ease

Please take a look at what people are saying about their experiences with Gas-Ease.

"It was a miracle that for the first time in years he didn't feel the need to suck on his door which he always did. This suggested to me that he felt much more comfortable. Since he has been having the Gas-Ease he has not had one episode of colic and is so much happier within himself and is looking the best he has ever looked."

Leanne Edwards

"StabelLabel's Gas-Ease is a tremendous product. My story about it will echo others. And I tell everyone I meet about how it saved Fahadd, literally."

Beck Andros & Fahadd Seattle, Washington United States

"I am just so pleased I have found this product - it has certainly made Puzzle's life and my own life a lot easier "
Lynn Bradwell, Co.Durham

"It arrived the next day. Three days later Murphy was symptom free. Within a week he was out on grass 24/7 - no gas build-up at all"
Sandra Sloan

"We have felt far more confident coping post operatively having found Gas-Ease. He will be given this product for the rest of his life"
Nikki Usher

What people have to say about Gas-Ease

What people have to say about Gas-Ease

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What people have to say about Gas-Ease
You might like to take a look at some these shining examples of how Gas-Ease has helped with stomach problems:


I would just like to say a big “thank you” to Gas-Ease and to Marion for this amazing product. I can honestly say, as a customer with no personal involvement but only a very happy customer, I was an emotional wreck this year with the constant bouts of colic my mare was getting.

I'm very professional and very knowledgeable regarding any care for my horse. Everything has to be spot-on, as it should be. I feed small and often, great quality hay, fresh water every day, regular dental check-ups and any introduction to new feed / hay done slowly. However, unfortunately this didn't stop the build-up of gas in my horse’s stomach. The only thing I have found that works - and I can assure you stops this gas build-up – is Gas-Ease.

My mare can colic any time and does so regularly; sometimes one extra polo is all it takes as she is a very sensitive girl.

After much conversation with Marion, whom I might add takes so much of her time to explain how this great product works, I knew I just had to try it on my horse. Within a day or so there was no moany stomach noises, apart from the usual healthy noises, and my mare was so much happier. No more gas build-up. No more horrid vet bills. What makes this product even more attractive is the price – it’s so cheap and lasts a long time.

I cannot express enough how Gas-Ease has saved my horse’s life. I would never be without it. I'm talking 100% as a customer only. Thank you so much Marion for introducing myself and my horse to Gas-Ease ??.

Andrew Norton


I have owned Dylan for nearly 11 years, he is my little competition horse who is successful and with a 'have a go' attitude at anything we do. He has represented our county at all RC events and represented British Dressage in the Inter Regional NW team in July.

Three days after his last competition he showed uncommon colic symptoms, which involved an emergency trip to the veterinary hospital. Upon arrival he was taken straight into surgery and the result was his Caecum had failed and was expanding. The amazing surgical team had performed a Caecal bypass linking the large and small intestine together.

He had survived the surgery but I was warned that this is so rare he only had a 20% chance of survival. Amazingly my boy fought through the next two weeks in hospital and was finally released home.

After 48 hrs at home, he started having gassy colic problems, each time involved a veterinary visit and taking a little more of his strength and the last time he was given 48 hrs to live. I have spoken to vets and surgeons all over the country and nobody had any further management ideas. My last hope was my own vet who called me on a Sunday - she had heard from a vet in Edinburgh about Gas-Ease. After speaking to you Marion and researching your website I ordered the same day.

We are now in week 13 since surgery, and with tears in my eyes and a very dry throat I got on my pony last week. Everyday looks more positive as he regains his strength. One thing I never forget is his 15ml of Gas-Ease every day.

Thank you.

Kind regards

Elizabeth Willetts

Dear StableLabel

My Arab called Lucifa has been suffering with bouts of colic for a number of years and eventually after many vet call outs and different opinions I was told it could be gas colic which was very painful and distressing for him and very upsetting for me to witness.

It was getting to the point where I was having the hard conversation with my vet whether it would be best to put my pony to sleep as he was having the bouts more and more regularly each time getting more severe.

I thought I would look online one more time in the hope that I would find something that would help although I thought it would be unlikely until I clicked on the StableLabel website. I started to read how the product worked and also reading other horse owners testimonials and how it transformed their horses' lives. I thought I had nothing to lose so I purchased my first bag of Gas-Ease.

I was excited for it to arrive and try it on my pony and within a few days it arrived. I added it to his feed that first night and Lufica didn't look twice at his feed and ate all of his dinner. Over the next few days of feeding him the Gas-Ease the results were amazing and he looked and acted like a totally different pony.

It was a miracle that for the first time in years he didn't feel the need to suck on his door which he always did. This suggested to me that he felt much more comfortable. Since he has been having the Gas-Ease he has not had one episode of colic and is so much happier within himself and is looking the best he has ever looked.

He will be on Gas-Ease for the rest of his life and I firmly believe that this product has saved his life. I can't thank Marion enough from StableLabel who has always answered any questions I have raised.

Leanne Edwards

Dear StableLabel

My cob has had problems with scouring for years. Due to sugar intolerance he reacts to his haylage, but if fed hay he drops weight so it's been a vicious circle of trying to control the scouring but keep his weight up. I have tried different supplements, some of which are specifically to be used alongside feeding haylage, but nothing worked. My horse was always healthy and certainly didn't lack energy but obviously it wasn't pleasant for either of us to deal with the mess involved from the scouring.

A friend recommended I tried activated charcoal and I thought why not, I've tried everything else!! Marion from StableLabel was extremely helpful with checking his diet and thought Gas-Ease might be able to help, so I eagerly waited the delivery (which only took a couple of days!) and I added it to his feed the first night! He didn't look twice at the bucket and ate it all without even noticing the supplement which I was worried about!

Literally 3 days later I got a phone call from my yard owner!! Only horsey people will understand this obsession with our horses movements!!! She said she'd left me a couple of droppings to see because it was a miracle!! Kane, for the first time in years, had solid 'normal' droppings and his stable walls were not splattered as we were used to dealing with!!

Three weeks in and I now am able to leave his beautiful thick tail natural where as previously I've had to plait it to stop it getting covered in manure!! He is now completely solid, his (sorry) farts are just normal horse noises and no longer projectiles of wet yuck!!

I cannot tell you how this product has changed my horse's well being. I am now having to finally reduce his feed as he's maintaining his weight AND most importantly for him, I have been able to stop him coming in at night year round because he now doesn't need to be fed huge amounts of forage to keep his weight. He's a much happier horse having 18-20 hours of freedom in the fields as opposed to being inside for 14 hours overnight!!! This is the most important aspect of using this product because it gives my horse back the most valuable gift....time out with his pals and the chance to behave as naturally as possible.

Jacky Roberts

Dear StableLabel

StableLabel's Gas-Ease is a tremendous product. My story about it will echo others. And I tell everyone I meet about how it saved Fahadd, literally.

In the spring of 2010, I was riding Fahadd, a 14-yr old, never sick, firecracker Arabian gelding, when he nearly buckled to the ground from the trot. Within minutes, he was standing calm again. Weeks later, I found him with an injured eye, as if he'd cast himself that night-but nothing was broken or revealed what occurred. We treated the eye. But he was now rolling more, and would drop to the ground in the pasture and lay still for long periods, always uncomfortable. Riding was soon out of the question. Over the past 2 years, he had recurring gas colics-a year between the first and second episodes, then 6 months again, and then almost every 5-7 days like clockwork. My vet took x-rays, tested for small strongyle infestation, performed a belly tap to release a lot of fluid at a bad point, did ultrasounds, blood work, and even tested for salmonella. The only finding was a very slight thickening in the wall of his small intestine. We put him on anti-inflammatories for pain, added Yea-Sacc live yeast culture for gas, fed carefully in small amounts, added Ulcer Guard. The pain abated some but the gas kept on. I got good at predicting an attack. He'd get this dull eye, his tail up like a pain flag, trot across the pasture to the next spot to sink to the ground. Then repeat: hour after hour. I researched as much as I could-nothing helpful about treating gas specifically.

December 2011, on a pelting rainy night, Fahadd was in so much pain the vet had to sedate him just so he'd let her near enough to treat him. I trailered to our veterinary hospital north of Seattle for more in-depth tests and scoping, with the same findings. No ulcers, masses, lesions, abnormalities beyond that small patch of thickened small intestine wall. Short of doing a biopsy or exploratory surgery, they just didn't know. They recommended eliminating bulk in Fahadd's diet-a complete pelleted feed, no hay, very limited grass turnout, and a course of steroids to try and reduce the inflammation of the thickened wall. Treat the symptoms. Fahadd just moved like a zombie.

New Year's morning 2012, Fahadd was worse. One of my boarders there with me out of the blue shared that she suffered from intestinal sensitivity, and her gas pain could make her curl into a ball of pain. Stress, diet, anything can trigger it. She took an activated charcoal supplement that helped within hours. So we both scoured the web for any clues on treating equine gas with charcoal. A rider's blog entry related a story like Fahadd's. She treated her horse with an activated charcoal product, Gas Ease. I immediately went to the StableLabel site, ordered a kilo bucket, and wrote Marion Fairley for more info. She responded immediately and got the product shipped out the U.S. as quickly as she could. While I waited for its arrival, she kept in touch and checked on both of us. She's amazing, too.

Per directions, I added one tablespoon (ml) of the Gas-Ease activated charcoal to Fahadd's feed 12 hours away from any meds, to prevent it from absorbing them. Within 24 hours he was better. Within 48 hours, he was crazy better. I wrote Marion the good news. And it gets better. Now he can tolerate small amounts of soaked hay and limited grass turnout. He has normal gas like any horse, but no pain. He's off pain meds. He's back to being the firecracker pony I love.

I trust my vets, and their care. And I'm sharing what I know with them and my horse community. For Fahadd, gas pain is a pebble that starts a colic avalanche. Gas Ease activated charcoal really, truly works. Now my oldest horses, 26 and 28 years old respectively, on senior feed diets because they can't adequately chew hay, are also on Gas-Ease. And the gas they have is gone, too. Thank you, Marion Fairley, StableLabel, and Gas-Ease.

Beck Andros & Fahadd
Seattle, Washington
United States

Dear StableLabel

With regards to Gas-Ease, can I firstly say a huge big thank you. The difference in my horse is amazing. He was recently diagnosed with Grade 3/4 ulcers and was prescribed medication from the vets, at huge expense! The medication was great and the horse was happy and comfortable being ridden again. However when he came off the medication the problem reoccurred within days. He had a second course and was then recommended to go straight onto an off the shelf gastro supplement as soon the medication was finished. So far so good.

However, I was still not 100% convinced that we had completely sorted the problem. He looked bloated after being on grass and slightly tucked up. When ridden he was dead to the leg and still not very enthusiastic about really moving forward and using himself.

After the first 15ml of your product I could see the difference. He looked far more comfortable and when ridden the difference was great.

One week on and I have my horse back, what a relief. He is happy to move forward and much more relaxed through the ribcage. Fingers crossed my day trips to the vets will be a thing of the past.

I will be highly recommending this natural product to everyone. It's affordable and really does what it is supposed to. Good luck with the product and thank you to Marion for taking the time to return my call and answering my questions.

J Thompson

Dear StableLabel

I have a beautiful thoroughbred mare who is 22. I feed her soaked Alfalfa Pellets and NAF "Pink Powder". She has lost a few back teeth and cribs so often that her top front teeth have worn down. She has trouble eating short grass but is still able to eat longer grass and hay and still has a strong thirst for life. She suffered bad gassy colic about a year ago and had to call the vet. This happened again just a few months ago. Not long after this I heard about Gas Ease from my local Feed Merchant and decided to try it. About two to three days after starting it, she seemed to crib less and with less vigour. After maybe about a week, her "wet farts" as I call them almost stopped and she seemed to be less gassy overall! A few weeks ago, she started to get a bout of colic. She wasn't kicking her belly, but I knew she wasn't right. I kept walking her around and managed to feed her a scoop and a half of the charcoal in a very small amount of soaked alfalfa and within 10 mins or so she seemed to get better! She only lay down a few times looking uncomfortable, then she got up and came over to me looking for a treat and more food! The charcoal really seems to have helped her a lot and I am happy to say she finished the first bag yesterday and I bought another today! Thanks Marion, it's great stuff!

Tasha Wilson and Sophie, from Scotland

Dear StableLabel

My much loved mare, Fern, is now 21 years old. As an eight year old she had life saving colic surgery due to a displaced colon. It was never established what had caused this to happen, but in later years as she had occasional bouts of gassy colic, this became a likely cause. She has always had a sensitive digestive system with the slightest change in grass growth or even a new batch of hay liable to result in very loose droppings and gas build up. I tried various pro and pre-biotics with varying results. Most helped somewhat, but none ever eliminated the gas which caused her such discomfort, and me such worry. Anyone who has had a horse requiring colic surgery will appreciate the fear which accompanies even the slightest colic symptoms.

Fern is the Grey with Polly her motherFinally last year I discovered Gas Ease. As my mare has not got older without getting wiser, she is extremely suspicious of supplements and is able to detect them in her feed from 20 paces! I will admit to being a little dubious when I saw the colour of her feed after adding the Gas Ease but there was absolutely no issue with her eating it and I am happy to report that since she has been on Gas Ease she has not exhibited any excessive wind symptoms and appears a lot more comfortable in general. Previously she was always touchy when girthing up, and also when I groomed her belly. Now she is happy to stand calmly and not react to either. I fully intend to keep Fern on Gas Ease permanently as I can see the benefit it brings to her and the peace of mind it gives to me is invaluable. I would recommend Gas Ease to anybody with a gassy horse - I was amazed at the difference it made. Thank you Marion for such a fabulous product.

Debbie Toomer

Dear StableLabel

Gas-Ease - the perfect addition to my potions cupboard

I trialled Gas-Ease on two candidates to assess its worth and am happy to report that it will be a firm staple in the feed room cupboard. The joys of a life breeding horses include foals and youngsters in all their playful glory, and watching your home-breds become veterans rule the roost. Of course both types of horses are prone to digestive sensitivity.

I fed Gas Ease to a youngster that, although entirely well, would sometimes become a little gassy at times of haylage bale change, or if we were feeding a particularly rich bale. The horses receive adlib fibre and he had a very healthy appetite! Adding the black powder to his evening feed cured the problem straight away. He ate it up without hesitation, and it did the trick. Now I know I can pop it into his feed whenever we have such a change in fodder at the yard, thus preventing a potential problem, before it arises.

My second candidate was our old mare with poor dentition. Towards the end of winter she becomes bored of haylage and longs for grass - who can blame her? She lives out and is supplemented with a daily ration of soaked feeds that she can slurp down happily. This supplies her lots of extra calories for minimum effort. The downside to this is that she is suddenly receiving a lot of feed in one go. Adding the Gas-Ease as we introduced her feeds this winter gave me peace of mind that her aging system could cope with the extra work of digestion, without irritation. Again, she ate it without a pause, and she's a wily old bird.

Like all really useful products and ideas, Gas-Ease is pretty simple stuff. At a modest price, it won't take up much room in the feed room, so put it on your shopping list ready for the change in the seasons.

Laura Pyke Vlacq Stud and The Arabian Magazine

Dear StableLabel

My mare, Bea, who I've had for almost 2 years and is almost 6, used to suffer from colic at least once a month. The first time she was at the vets for a week as her colon had flipped over her bowel due to the gas build up. The vets spoke of surgery but thankfully with painkillers and not being fed, things literally fell back into place. I spent some time researching how I could fight this and finally found Gas-Ease. Bea has now been on Gas-Ease some 6 months and in that time she has had 2 very mild bouts of colic and the last episode only lasted some 10 minutes. I doubt that I will ever take her off Gas-Ease and would happily recommend it anyone. Once again thanks Marion for researching and marketing this wonderful product.


From Kent

Dear StableLabel

I thought I would write and let you know what a fantastic product your Activated Charcoal (ac) is. I have a 15 year old Irish Sport Horse, Sid, who I have owned for 4 years. Last year for some unknown reason he started having bouts of gas type colic. There was no connection to each colic episode; it was a different scenario each time but with nothing in his environment or workload changing. On one of the many vet visits, my vet suggested Activated Charcoal as he had another client who had had some success with it. I did some research on the internet and found Stable Label. I started feeding the AC in his feed at night and the colic episodes immediately stopped and had not re-appeared for over 10 months.

However one morning earlier this year we did have colic symptoms. I was in the yard mucking out when the symptoms started. My vet was due out to my other horse and I called him and said he would need to see Sid first. I managed to get Sid to eat some ac in a handful of mix and started walking him. 20 minutes later he was back to normal. By the time the vet arrived he was munching the loose hay in stable and vet said he was 100% fine!! and did not have to do anything.

Then in August this year, again in the morning, about 3 hours after his breakfast we had another colic episode. This time he would not eat the charcoal so I dissolved a measure in some water and put it in a syringe. Sid was lying down in his stable groaning at this point. I got him up, syringed the charcoal down his throat and then started walking him. I could not believe my eyes when after 25 minutes he started searching my pockets for mints!!!! Sure sign he was feeling well again. I put him back in his stable and kept an eye on him for the next hour and he was 100% fine, turned him out and we have not looked back.

I am so impressed with the activated charcoal that I will never ever be without it. It's a fabulous product.

Karen Richardson

Dear StableLabel

We tested Gas-Ease on a horse with Cushings, who is very prone to gassy colic and laminitis. We consulted with the vet regarding using Gas-Ease along side this horse’s medication. The advice was to feed medication am and let at least 4 hours pass before using Gas-Ease. The test horse can be fussy about supplements and Gas-Ease was eaten with no fuss. While using Gas-Ease we had no bouts of colic or laminitis. During the trial period we had to move paddocks to fresh pasture. Usually when moving even when carefully and slowly increasing time on new grass this horse would have suffered a bout of gassy colic. By giving Gas-Ease we had a trouble free paddock move. Gas-Ease is a must have for any horse owner who has a horse prone to gassy colic.

National Horse and Pony Network

Dear StableLabel

I have attached some photos of my 2 year old boy 5 weeks after his colic surgery. His name is Neverlands Monticello, he is by HM the Queen's Oberon out of a Donnerhall/Weltmeyer/Muschamp Danube mare and I hope to keep him entire. All going well, he will go forward for his grading this year. Oberon passed away a few years ago and I have the last three foals ever born to him, and as Oberon only has a few Stallions standing now, I have high hopes for my lad to continue his lines.

BeachHe was born with a lactose intolerance and scoured daily, so he lived on Pepto Bismol and Kaolin! After weaning, his tummy settled down. He was fed on hay, lucerne and haylage but he constantly had wind. I didn't think in my wildest dreams it would turn into near fatal colic. I've had horses all my life and never had one go down with colic before. When the vet arrived, the colic was in the early stages, and when he listened to his tummy and said we needed to get him to surgery immediately, we couldn't believe it. It took nearly seven hours to get him there. He had never been in a lorry before and he wouldn't load, even with six men trying to get him in, (he's a big fella, nearly 17 hands at two and a half). He was so heavily sedated which didn't help, but eventually he loaded into a friends trailer and got to surgery just in time. He had a 270 degree torsion of the colon and the surgeon said that the gas had caused the displacement. Luckily we are only 10 miles from our Newmarket vets, so he had the best surgeons working with him and he made such a quick recovery, he was back home within a week. He is only fed on hay, Dengie Hi-Fi and blue chip twice dailly with his Gas-Ease. Needless to say, I don't think I slept for 3 months, checking him every 2 hours.

BeachI started him on his Gas-Ease two weeks after his surgery once he'd finished his course of antibiotics, giving him bigger or smaller doses according to the wind factor!!! Now, I can go to bed at night and sleep without worrying. Knowing that I have something I can give him to make him more comfortable if he is 'windy' is a great comfort for me.

This horse is very special to me, he's out of my own mare and I knew Oberon well and I love my boy dearly. To have lost him through ignorance would have been heart wrenching. I now know that gas colics are common. I've always given my horses the best of everything, but the surgeon assures me that it can happen to any horse, at any time.

Bobby-Jo Leopold

Dear StableLabel

I was recommended by my bare foot trimmer to add activated charcoal to the diet of my laminitic horse as it would help remove toxins from her body and keep her stomach in an alkaline state.

I contacted Gas-Ease through their website to seek advice about their activated charcoal for use with laminitis. I had a friendly prompt reply saying that yes it could be used.

HollyI have had my horse on it now for several months and she has been fine on the grass, she is not gas blown and her digestive system is stable, not the usual spring loose droppings.

It is ideal for fussy feeders as it has no taste, and she is fussy and wise to any additives in her feed at the age of 20.

LucyShe gets it once a day in her feed and I have now put my other horse on it as a preventative measure, she gets it in a sandwich twice a day, as she is not on hard feed at this time of year. Gas Ease is extremely competitively priced, customer service is great and delivery is very prompt.

Leigh Duncan

Dear StableLabel

I was doing Reiki on my horse one night and I kept being drawn to his stomach. I remembered I had Gas-Ease from the autumn when he'd had bad colic one night after a change of paddock when recovering from laminitis. I decided to give it a try and it was astonishing. I put him on a high dose first and then reduced it onto a maintenance dose and the difference in him was amazing. He's much less grumpy and when doing Reiki on him his stomach is much better.

Elizabeth Shaw

Dear StableLabel

Our horse was recently taken seriously ill with colic and subsequently had to have a massive operation to save his life. I worked in a veterinary practice some years ago and I was aware that charcoal is sold to dog owners whose pets have gassy stomach problems and so to find an equine equivalent has been a God send. We have felt far more confident coping post operatively having found Gas-Ease. He will be given this product for the rest of his life.

Nikki Usher

Dear StableLabel

I have had "Puzzle" for nearly 4 years. Spring and summer have always been a nightmare for me. As soon as there is the first flush of grass, bring on the vet! Usually 3 or 4 times in the spring Puzzle gets "gassy" colic and I got quite paranoid, limiting the hours he was out. I saw the advert for "Gas-Ease" in Equi-Ads and thought I have nothing to lose in trying it. I started using the activated charcoal this spring as soon as the grass started to grow. I must admit I was slightly sceptical about it but he has never had one colic bout, he is out a lot longer now and I have been leaving him out overnight, which I would have never dreamed of. I am just so pleased I have found this product - it has certainly made Puzzle's life and my own life a lot easier.

Lynn Bradwell, Co.Durham

Dear StableLabel

I have tried many products over 2 years to help ease gas build-up in my 13 yr old Shetland. Murphy suffered from gas on a regular basis, presenting itself like colic. It was heartbreaking to see him suffer. I saw an advert for a new product called Gas-Ease and decided to try it. It arrived the next day. Three days later Murphy was symptom free. Within a week he was out on grass 24/7 - no gas build-up at all. I can't believe it - he is a different pony. I am delighted with Gas-Ease and so is Murphy! At last we have found something that does exactly what it says on the tin!!

Sandra Sloan